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I was born and bred in Germany, but my love for travel led me straight after university to my second home country of New Zealand where I lived for seven years. I was lucky to see most of Aotearoa from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island during my time at Tourism New Zealand and I consider myself an expert on all things Kiwi.

But Europe (and homesickness) called me back and after doing my share in depleting the male population of New Zealand even further by marrying a kiwi, I moved to London where I stayed for 18 months and worked for the German Tourist Office.

I packed my bags yet again in late 2011 to move to the Big Apple. From New York, I discovered the wide endless country that is the United States, the sun-kissed Caribbean and the diverse countries of Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Since October 2014, I am permanently back in London (and loving it). I am a regular contributor to The Press & Journal, The Independent,, German Life Magazine, The Epoch Times, and have also been published in numerous other publications.

I have ventured to nearly 40 countries so far. Have pen, will travel...

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